Árak / Prices (300 HUF = 1 EUR):

CD: Az adott kiadvány mellett jelölve / Listed near each title.
Tape: 900 HUF (3) – Kivételek jelölve / Different prices are marked.

------ LP ------

Lepra (Hun) – Whom Aeons Tore Apart /4000 HUF/
(Dark, occult traditional Black Metal from the Hungarian death-cultist movement Inner Awakening Circle. A katabasis downwards the Great Unknown beyond space and time where only desolate darkness dwells among the howling winds. A homage to the recluse, the wanderer souls towards the borders of the world and beyond)

Tetragrammacide (Rus/Ind) – Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix /4500 HUF/
(An interesting collaboration with an interesting concept from prominent members of the Russian and Indian Black Metal underground. Distant, swirling and chaotic Black/Death Metal emanating from beyond the mortal spheres, devastating all in its way. High quality vinyl with poster by Iron Bonehead Records)

------ CD ------

Acherontas (Gre) / Nastrond (Swe) – Chthonic Libations /3000 HUF/
(Acherontas and Nastrond join forces and auras for the first time, as an omnipotent primal force, to give birth to an innovative Opus of Esoteric Art and Ceremonial vision. Five Odes to perceive and invoke, five chants to awake the Mysteria Endotata. The darkest pathways of Ancient Greek mysteries under the obscure Prism of Rune Sophia and the Orphic wisdom of Νέκυια and the Underworld, grant life to an aural Entity and Key to the innermost Flame)

Ævangelist (Usa) – Writhes in the Murk /2500 HUF/
(Third album of this obscure horde falling somewhere within, but never fully defined by, the current boundaries of Death Metal, Black Metal, dark ambient, industrial and black noise. Writhes in the Murk is a musically diverse downward spiral of nightmare and horrifying bliss)

Age of Agony (Hun) – Follow the Way of Hate /2000 HUF/
(Second and one of the best albums of this old school Death Metal Artillery. Hateful, vehement and agressive album with some Black Metal influences and melodies)

Alienation Cold (Rus) – Destructive Necrotic Sun digipack /2000 HUF/
(Cold and haunting Black Metal from Stavropol Nekrodivizion with a strong hypnotic atmosphere. Destructive Necrotic Sun is the third album after 6 years of silence and like always, the mastermind behind the project, Sadist from Misanthropic Art or SS-18 among others delivers an excellent material again)

Archdaeva (Gre) – Kia - Escaping the Pain of Creation slipcase /1800 HUF/
(A massive satanic proclamation in form of powerful arcane Black Metal. Second material with six songs. Behold the aim, listen to the grand speech of subconscious and descend below)

Archaic Tomb (Por) – Congregations for Ancient Rituals /1800 HUF/
(Debut material of this sinister act presenting darkened ritualistic Black/Death Metal with 5 cursed hymns throughout half an hour. Recommended for fans of Necros Christos and 13th Moon)

Arkaik Excruciation (Spa) – Cursed Blood of Doom /1800 HUF/
(Cryptic Black/Death Metal with a furious, sinister touch and some hypnotic doomed parts. The material contains 8 archaic offerings to the Devil that are recommended for the fans of Sadistic Intent, Poison, Sarcófago and Morbid Angel)

Armagedda (Swe) – Only True Believers /2800 HUF/
(Second full-length from one of the most influential and important Swedish Black Metal horde from the late 90s and early 2000s. True Black Metal as it should be, without any compromise and with the true black flame of devotion burning in their art)

Balance Interruption (Ukr) – Era I: Nvclear War for Rescve /1800 HUF/
(Killer debut album of this interesting Black Metal horde with a post-apocalyptic and digusting, inhuman atmosphere for the death of the human worms. Darkness prevails, nuclear arms will show the final redemption)

Barshasketh (Nzl/Sco) – Sitra Achra digipack /2500 HUF/
(Second album of Barshasketh that embraces negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation. This material evokes the universal destructive forces with bleak and complex atmospheres, supported by great and quality musicianship. True Black Metal with a unique dark touch that raises them far above the masses)

Beastcraft (Nor) – Dawn of the Serpent digipack /3300 HUF/
(Collectional material that contains the songs from the 3 demo tapes and two songs from a recording session that were previously unreleased. A manifestation of pure evil and darkness in the truest and most traditional approach towards Black Metal. 16 satanic psalms are praising the glory of Satan on this absolutely essential material)

Belliciste (Nzl) – Bárdachd Cogaidh /2500 HUF/
(Bàrdachd Cogaidh is the second devilish full-length proclamation of Belliciste that presents old styled, furious and hateful Black Metal with a slashing sound and with eight black venomous psalms that are both summoning a devastating aura and in the same time keeping the material floating with raw sombre melancholies and infinite paralyzing darkness)

Belliciste (Nzl) – Sceadugenga /2000 HUF/
(Vicious and misanthropic Black Metal, an exaltation of the cult of Death. This debut album is a perfected assault of poisonous Black Metal with lawless energy. Project of Kriegist from Barshasketh, devoted to morbid death and sinister spirits)

Bezmir (Ukr) – Void digipack /2500 HUF/
(Killer debut album from this relatively new horde channeling the essence of the great void. Dark, eerie and alien atmosphere backed by professional musicianship and a massive sound. Recommended for the fans of Darkspace and Paysage d'Hiver)

Black Death Ritual (Fin) – Profound Echoes of the End /1800 HUF/
(First and only album of this obscure horde from 2005. Raw and cold Black Metal in the purest veins of the Finnish traditions with members of Baptism, Horna and some more)

Black Flux (Rus) – Hymns of Cold Halls /2000 HUF/
(Ice-cold Black Metal from the grim and cold halls of Stavropol and Ingria. A traditional approach towards the old Black Flame with the usual authentic riffing style. Razors are cutting the flesh to let your blood flow and get frozen in eternity)

Blaze of Perdition (Pol) – The Hierophant /3000 HUF/
(Nine blasphemous hymns of agressive, dark and crushing Black Metal in more than 45 minutes. The material has a characteristic sound that resembles sometimes for old Watain which is not a suprise since this material was also mixed in Necromorbus studio)

Bloodhammer (Fin) – The Passion of the Devil /1500 HUF/
(Ugly, disgusting and primitive Black Metal desecrating all the shallow religions and the earthly values of the weak. An EP from 2005 with five perverted psalms glorifying the Devil)

Brón (Nzl) – Where the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores digipack /2500 HUF/
(Third album of this mystical project summoned by Krigeist from Barshasketh and Belliciste. Hypnotic and majestic Black Metal with icecold mesmerizing tones and elemental power. A wandering beyond times and spheres channeled through deep meditative soundscapes. This monumental album contains 3 songs in 74 minutes)

Cenotafio (Chi) – La Fatídica Excrecencia de la Subtierra /1800 HUF/
(Aggressive satanist Black/Death Metal emanation from below eating all your hopes. First full-length from these relatively fresh dezekratorz)

Communion (Chi) – At the Announcement /2200 HUF/
(First album of these possessed blasphemers. Here you find Witching Metal in its rawest and wildest state, rearranging their unapologetic influences into a swirling, cacophonous cauldron)

Communion (Chi) – The Communion /2200 HUF/
(Second album of the Communion, which works mostly as one massive piece, firing off one diabolic angle after another that's simply engrossing in its devilish intensity. Music dedicated to the occult and supernatural energies of the beyond)

Cosmic Void Ritual (Usa) – The Excreted Remains of the Sabatier System /2000 HUF/
(Compilation release from this obscure Black/Death Metal beast that radiates furious, dark and hateful vibes against the cosmic tyranny in the veins of Negative Plane)

Darkthrone (Nor) – A Blaze in the Dark Past /3000 HUF/
(Underground compilation material from one of the most important originators of traditional Northern Black Metal. This material includes 4 rare live recordings from the late 80's and the early 90's from Norway, Finland and Denmark, as well as a live appearance from '99 also recorded in Norway)

Dark Fury (Pol) – Fortress of Eagles /2500 HUF/
(Intolerant Black Metal against the modern material world. Fourth hate proclamation from 2008)

Dark Fury (Pol) – This Story Has Happened Before CD /2000 HUF/
(New album of this radical horde unleashing their rage in form of dark and hateful Black Metal on the scum that try to set Europe in flames)

Dark Fury (Pol) – W.A.R. /2000 HUF/
(Hateful Heathen Hammer of the ancient flame. The war continues, seventh album from 2012)

Deathmoor (Rus) – Actus Sacrophagia Mortem /2000 HUF/
(Fourth album of this band from Stavropol Nekrodivizion which is filled with the suffocating atmosphere of spiritual decay of personality via three conceptual tracks in 45 minutes. This material break all the ties with the linguistic world-image as a basic aspect of human existence)

Deathmoor (Rus) – Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni /2000 HUF/
(Look at the slow withering of illusive life and sense underfoot the rotten bog. Feel the death sprouting through your ribs by ugly crooked branches. Ghostly and engaging, viscous and frightening Black Metal with acoustic interludes from members of Misanthropic Art, SS-18, Lashblood. First and only EP from 2010, music of total darkness, devastation and devotion)

Denial of God (Dnk) – The Dawn of Aemizaez: Demos 1992-1993 /3000 HUF/
(Compilation material from these gods of Horror and ancient Darkness that contains their first two, long sold-out demos, Oscularium Infame that was originally released in 1992 and The Dawn of Aemizaez that was unleashed in 1993)

Diocletian (Nzl) – Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes /3000 HUF/
(Second album from these titans of bestial Death Metal. War of All against All sees the band hone their attack into a much more determined and directed sonic assault. Relentless, brutal and utterly violent)

Diocletian (Nzl) – Doom Cult /3000 HUF/
(First album of this bestial outburst of violence. Earth shattering Black / Death Metal, the bells of apocalypse are echoing amindst the ultimate destruction and blasphemy)

Dissection (Swe) – Frozen in Wacken '97 /3000 HUF/
(Unofficial underground release that contains an essential live performance from 1997 that was recorded at Wacken, containing songs from their two first masterpieces)

Dominus Ira (Rus) – Gallery of Infernal Grotesque /2200 HUF/
(Third album, a combination of traditional Black Metal riffing and the unique touches that were present on the previous material as well. This edition is a special A5-jewelcase release with magnificent artwork)

Dominus Ira (Rus) – Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris /2000 HUF/
(Second album of this cruel and sinister act with killer riffs and varied song structures that are crafting a purely sombre, morbid, dreadful and dissonant atmosphere. Total unique manifestation of genuine Darkness)

Do Skonu (Ukr) – Cold Streams of Death /2000 HUF/
(Second album from this grim satanic Black Metal horde. Cold traditional style in their usual unique interpretation, embraced by the cold streams of Death)

Dunkelheit (Hun) – Mors Aeterna /2000 HUF/
(Long-delayed second album originally composed between 2007 and 2009, but released only years after. Fast, traditional and obscure Black Metal with varied tempos and song arrangements. Pure Darkness glorification from the womb of Inner Awakening)

Dusk (Hun) – Satan's Laws /2000 HUF/
(The last material from one of the oldest Hungarian Black Metal bands presenting cold and evil Carpathian curses through its satanic and shamanic music. Total darkness and pitch-black aura surrounds this final proclamation)

Dysangelium (Ger) – Leviaxxis /2000 HUF/
(CD version of this killer demo from one of the best Black Metal bands hailing from Germany these days. With a definite amount of vehemence and untamed evil Dysangelium presents darkened obscure curses fuelled by the fire of Satan)

Dwarfstar (Hun) – Perplexing Reality /2000 HUF/
(Pure masterpiece from the mastermind Thanatos who also conjured some of the most significant bands from the Hungarian Black Metal underground. Here we have something new and old in the same time, since some ideas were forged more than a decade ago. Spiritual, ambiental and electronic music with a dark atmosphere and concept towards the radical enlightment. A fresh sombre taste through a different channel)

Elffor (Spa) – Dra Sad II A5 digipack /3000 HUF/
(Creating dark atmospheres since 1995 and guided by the ancient warrior souls Elffor returns once again with an epic Ambient / Dungeon Synth material. Four long and monumental songs in 55 minutes recommended for fans of old Mortiis)

Formorket (Hun) – Formorket digisleeve /1500 HUF/
(The last testament from this old-styled grim underground horde. They deliver their last seven satanic hymns on this obscure Black Metal material. Recommended for the fans of old Darkthrone, Armagedda and Pest)

Freitod (Swi) – Possessed by the Horns of Terror /2000 HUF/
(Released back in 2010, this blasphemous work is the first wider publication of these Black Metal extremists. Raw sound, traditional riffing and an ancient vibe describes the material)

Giggerotah (Rus) – Ultra-violence digipack /2000 HUF/
(Project from Stavropol Nekrodivizion created by Shapeshifter from Lashblood, SS-18 and Asthenic Syn. As the title says, here we meet violent morbid blasphemies of Death Metal with some Thrash Metal elements)

Gravecrusher (Hun) – Morbid Black Oath /2000 HUF/
(Crushing old school, violent and venomous Death Metal. The material includes the latest EP entitled Morbid Black Oath and Mutilation Ritual demo as well. Expect an intense, agressive and desecrating material from the best Hungarian Death Metal band)

Grimness (Hun) – Ashes of a Black Cult /2000 HUF/
(Grim satanic Black Metal from Inner Awakening circle dedicated to the essence of the old times and bringing back the atmosphere of the early 90's with a pure quality record. True Black Metal!)

Gyötrelem (Hun) – Kárhozat /2000 HUF/
(Third album of this hateful act from Inner Awakening circle. Raw misanthropic Black Metal filled with atmosphere of alienation and pure hate)

Hatesworn (Swi) – Transcend Moral Limitations to Evoke Pure Negativity until All is Dead /1800 HUF/
(All of the strictly limited demos and some bonus tracks on one disc with around 72 minutes playtime. A desolate and negative journey towards nothingness)

Head of the Demon (Swe) – Head of the Demon /3000 HUF/
(Debut album by this absolutely genuine and unique horde. An overwhelming journey to the Other Side accompanied by hypnotic trance-like songs. The basis of the songs are rooted in Black Metal but they are being channeled in an own, doomed, swirling and crawling way that absorbs the listener immediately)

Head of the Demon (Swe) – Sathanas Trismegistos /3000 HUF/
(New album, that is a logical evolution to the self-titled album. Entrenched in heavy metal of the various occult shades, this album very much resembles the beliefs expressed: a solid foundation upon which the vibrations are built and the poetic approach of less is more. The panorama is wide open and the pillars are easily distinguishable outside of the field of vision. Truths lay wide open and in plain view for those willing to reflect and partake)

Horna (Fin) – Ääniä Yössä /2800 HUF/
(One of the best albums from this early epitome of Finnish Black Metal. The concept material is dealing with the great Black Death and as it is supposed to be, it is dark, lifeless, eerie and dismal. The album follows this path from the beginning to the end in some of the darkest riffing traditions of Horna)

Ifernach (Can) – Gaqtaqaiaq /1800 HUF/
(This Gaspesian savage band’s style is further defined with this new opus, oscillating between traditional Black Metal, melodic and epic parts, atmospheric passages and other more instinct driven tracks)

Ifernach (Can) – Maqtewek Nakuset digipack /1800 HUF/
(Musically rooted within traditionnal Black Metal with some hints of agression and violence, Maqtewek Nakuset offers ravaging music, interspersed with ambient parts. A mixture of melancholy and aggression)

Inferno (Cze) – Nikdy Nepokrteni /2000 HUF/
(Reissue of the third, classic album from these old Black Metal veterans. Raw, old-school Black Metal)

Incursus (Usa) – Eternal Funeral Trance digipack /2500 HUF/
(Unholy, ruthless, true in every sense of the word. Evil and black with pure hate and no remorse. Horidus with His ultra blackened lyrics and terroristic shrieks, combined with VJS' – Nightbringer, Adaestuo – stellar guitar riffing and attention to detail with every riff, to be cold, razor sharp and evil)

Israthoum (Ned) – Black Scenery Avatar /1800 HUF/
(Second EP from this occult underground horde from 2004. Grim, obscure and atmospheric Black Metal)

Ithaqua (Gre) – Initiation to Obscure Mysteries /1800 HUF/
(Debut material preserving the ancient way of Hellenic Black Metal with a dark and mysterious atmosphere created by members of Caedes Cruenta, Kawir and some more)

Kalmankantaja (Fin) – Demonwoods /2000 HUF/
(Demonwoods is the 10th album from this über active Black Metal horde. The deathbearers deliver a massive atmospheric material with 3 songs in 35 minutes)

Kaosophia (Ukr) – Serpenti Vortex digipack CD /2500 HUF/
(Sinister Black Metal with serious satanist concept. This material is the second full proclamation of Kaosophia and delivers a dense dark atmosphere where the old traditional fire is burning simultaneously with their own and unique approach towards the Black Arts)

Katavasia (Gre) – Sacrilegious Testament /2000 HUF/
(First album of this interesting collaboration. Katavasia is an evil alliance including members of well known occult acts Varathron and Aenaon, gloomy doomsters Agnes Vein and psychedelic masters Hail Spirit Noir. Katavasia's sound is based in original 90's Greek Black Metal)

Kataxu (Pol) – Roots Thunder /2500 HUF/
(First official CD release of this absolutely essential obscure material. Unique, dark, spiritual and atmospheric Black Metal that takes the listener to the spheres beyond where eternity awaits)

Khashm (Rus) – Dark Paths to His Throne /2000 HUF/
(Great underground horde presenting cruel and dark Satanist Black Metal. This CD contains their first album from 2009 and Thy Legions Come EP from the same year as a bonus)

Khashm (Rus) – Serpents of Death /2000 HUF/
(Latest album of these sinister devotees. Grim and morbid Black Metal projecting a mixture of dark dissonance and flesh-cutting True Black Metal, worshipping Death)

Kill (Swe) – Horned Holocaust /2500 HUF/
(Kill is the aural essence of primitive and dark Black Metal. Citing influence from Sodom's Obsessed By Cruelty, Sarcofago's INRI, Darkthrone or VON, Horned Holocaust emerges a vile and hideous creation of True Black Metal. Second album, originally released in 2002)

Lamia Culta (Ukr) – Patre Satane /1500 HUF/
(First album of Lamia Culta that has been existing for 15 years now and which is a part of Corona Barathri. Traditional riff-based, fast and furious Black Metal with some additional keyboard vibes)

Lashblood (Rus) – Plasticine People digipack /2000 HUF/
(Latest EP from this killer band from Stavropol Nekrodivizion. A dark, dissonant and transcendental piece of art with three new songs, diving into the depths of consciousness, plus two old songs, reminiscent of the past. Unique Black Art for the wicked!)

Lepra (Hun) – Tongue of Devil Prayers /2000 HUF/
(First full-length opvs from the cruelest and most sinister Black Metal horde from Hungary! This devilish manifestation offers eight prayers, functioning as stations of the dark spiritual path, towards the highest aim. Sinister religious madness glorifying Death!)

Lepra (Hun) – Whom Aeons Tore Apart digipack /2500 HUF/
(Dark, occult traditional Black Metal from the Hungarian death-cultist movement Inner Awakening Circle. A katabasis downwards the Great Unknown beyond space and time where only desolate darkness dwells among the howling winds. A homage to the recluse, the wanderer souls towards the borders of the world and beyond)

Malokarpatan (Slo) – Nordkarpatenland /2800 HUF/
(A bewitching charm that entrances the listener easily. Old, darkened eastern Black Metal presented with a filthy yet atmospheric sound,with some influences of Master's Hammer or Root but presented with an own style)

Malthusian (Ire) – Demo MMXIII /2800 HUF/
(Powerful and heavy debut from this dark, hideous and nightmarish Black / Death Metal. The hateful and tortured screams are accompanying the music well, while the varied tempos and song structures keep this ruthless, unholy material interesting from the beginning to the end)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Necrohumanity /2500 HUF/
(One of the most hateful and disgusting spit into the face of human worms and their pathetic values by the masters of decadence and the misanthropic desecrators of all life-forms. Hear the sounds of Earth's apocalyptic extermination, human beings are a disease!)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – The Streams of Terror double CD /3000 HUF/
(New album of Misanthropic Art that is a 2 CDs edition and consists of two conceptual parts – Chains and Threads. Those who know the band are aware what to expect! Alien, misanthropic and post-apocalyptic synthetic nuclear emanations from the grim soils)

Momumentum (Ita) – In Absentia Christi digipack /3000 HUF/
(Digipack reissue of this cult, underground, and interesting material that was originally released back in 1995 by Misanthropy Records. At some darker periods of time, In Absentia Christi was created, which is a unique and somber emanation, and which has a massive wall of absorbing atmosphere that is hard to be compared to anything else)

Mütiilation (Fra) – Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) /3000 HUF/
(Grim, rotten and morbid Black Metal filled with a venomous, hateful and decadent atmosphere that does not need to be introduced to those who are familiar with the works of this cult horde from LLN)

Nadiwrath (Gre) – Circle of Pest digipack /2000 HUF/
(Wrathful traditional Hellenic True Black Metal for the total eradication of all life, death to all! First album, with members of Dodsferd, Thy Darkened Shade and Acrimonous)

Навь (Rus) / Deathmoor (Rus) – De Morte Peccati Ad Mortem slipcase CD /2000 HUF/
(Nav' is Black Metal combined with some furious thrashing elements, while Deathmoor is darkened Black Metal with some unique touches. United for this split release they look similiar, as both bands show a purely grim and raw atmosphere filled with worship of Death. Including hand-written lyrics, full-size sticker and all this in a jewelbox with slipcase)

Negative Plane (Usa) – Et In Saecula Saeculorum /3000 HUF/
(Negative Plane’s debut album continues to enthral and compel. With influences from the glorious Tormentor and Master’s Hammer abound, Et In Saecula Saeculorum is a spellbinding masterpiece of Occult Black Metal intertwining atmosphere, intensity and mysticism perfectly)

Niedergang (Hun) – Átszellemülés /2000 HUF/
(Energies from the outer spheres are summoned again. Second album finally emitted from the depths of the unconscious aspects of mind. Nine projections to acausal dimensions, through the crypt of soul, to the Eternal Darkness)

Niezgal (Blr) – Statut digipack /2000 HUF/
(The last manifestation before stepping out to the vast nothingness. First and last full-length of this short-lived but killer Black Metal horde from Niemaracz Klan that definitely deserves the attention)

Nocturnal Amentia (Ukr) – Hec Regnum Meum Est /1800 HUF/
(Blasphemous and devastating attack from these possessed maniacs. Fast, skullcrushing Black Metal with a dark, sinister vibe and with hateful vocals spitting the curses on their cruel sounding native language. Third album from 2012)

Nocturnal Amentia (Ukr) – HVHI​:​ Nati ex Mortis /1800 HUF/
(Fresh album of these insane blasphemers. Hateful, agressive, devilish Black Metal)

Nocturnal Blood (Usa) – Abnormalities Prevail /2000 HUF/
(A compilation of the debut demo as well as myriad EP and split releases. The material displays this one-man entity's uncompromising evolution across its staggering 20 tracks. An essential compendium of a black-blood-vomiting darkness 'n' doom)

Occultation (Usa) – Silence in the Ancestral House /2200 HUF/
(Second album from the US Occult Metal band which managed to add some more unique touches and approach to the already interesting first album. Dark metal music with heavy, doom and black roots, varied song structures and with a wide range of influences)

Occultation (Usa) – Three and Seven /2200 HUF/
(Like it is kind of obvious from the name, Occulation plays occult doom music with some rocking parts and some Black Metal touches which is also not a suprise since the guitarist is from Negative Plane. This is their first album, which is an interesting dark journey and a must for those who are into this approach. Recommended for fans of The Devil's Blood)

Ohtar (Pol) – Euthanasia of Existence /2500 HUF/
(After almost 10 years of silence since the last material this well-known intolerant Black Metal horde is back with a fresh album delivering the usual dark misanthropic Black Metal)

Orenda (Blg) – Only Death Lives Here /1800 HUF/
(Only Death Lives Here was the last album the band released in 2012 and the title describes this desolate, lifeless and creepy, yet traditional material well)

Ossarivm (Por) – Emanation /1800 HUF/
(First EP of this obscure underground horde. Dark, sinister, occult Death Metal combined with creepy, evil ritualistic interludes)

Paleowolf (Srb) – Primordial digipack /2500 HUF/
(Paleowolf is a meditation to revive the dark, forgotten and mysterious aeons, spanning from the time before. Tribal Dark Ambient aimed at invoking the ancient spirits of the prehistoric past)

Poisonous (Bra) – Perdition's Den /1800 HUF/
(Blasphemous and desecrating old school Death Metal, a poisoned needle into the collapsing body of creation. First album full with hatred, violence and satanic possession)

Primigenium (Spa) – Intolerance /1800 HUF/
(Second album from this veteran spanish band presenting pure and agressive Black Metal that is a highly coherent mix between traditional riffs, subtle thrashing agression, fast drums, evil voice and straigth-to-the-point lyrics. Black-Metal like it was done in the early days)

Profanatica (Usa) – Disgusting Blasphemies Against God /2000 HUF/
(Second album about which the title tells everything. Ten disgusting blasphemies against god, ten stabs into the rotting corpse of the fag from Nazareth)

Psalm666 (Rus) – Symbol ov Faith /2000 HUF/
(First and only album of this cult horde on a nice and interesting digipack edition. Orthodox Black Metal with a haunting evil atmosphere for the true worshippers of the Dark Side)

Qassam (Hun) – Secret Weapon Tests in the Bunkers of Genocide and Abomination 2008-2012 /2000 HUF/
(Collectional material of the War Speed Metal Desekrators containing their first three, self-released and über-limited rehearsal tapes with some additional stuff recorded at gigs and during various rehearsals. Ass-kicking audial holocaust in the vein of 80's classics)

Qrixkuor (Eng) – Three Devils Dance /2500 HUF/
(Debut material of this Devilish Death Metal act. Fittingly titled, Three Devils Dance this three-songs, 39 minutes monolith swarms and smothers, beguiles and buries, mesmerizes and metastasizes. With this album they created a soundworld where Death Metal is ripped asunder, from the inside out, and each tear reverberates endlessly into the nameless void)

Ravencult (Gre) – Morbid Blood /2000 HUF/
(Killer, unique diabolical Black Metal with Thrash elements, presented not in the typical way. Ravencult channel the forces of uttermost darkness into a unique yet deadly serious soundfield offering all worshippers of the occult new avenues into Death's innermost secrets)

Rotting Heaven (Rus) - Apotheosis of the Apocalypse /1800 HUF/
(Dark, cruel, dissonant Black Metal. A revelation of the forthcoming world's end in the agony of castrated sun, which is to fall down on Earth to trace His nimbus by the flame and ashes. Six acts, woven from dying cries of the last earth bell)

Rotting Heaven (Rus) - For the Greater Glory /1500 HUF/
(Second EP and the continuation of the first album with dissonant and aggressive Black Metal fused with insane melodics, technical musicianship and powerful sound. Shouts of eternal torments in the rays of the invisible sun of the Abyss)

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) – Fimbulwinter CD /3500 HUF/
(Latest album from 2014, which is a triumphant return after a longer period of silence. The band is still able to show a new face, keeping the original trademarks but with some fresh, epic and icecold taste)

Serpent Self Devouring (Rus) – Hail Horned! /1500 HUF/
(Debut material with dynamic, old-school and crushing Black Metal including 5 massive blasphemous psalms and a cover of old Darkthrone)

Sheol (Eng) – Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple /2500 HUF/
(This Chthonic Death Metal band released only a demo, an EP and a split throughout its short existence. Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple is their EP and probably the one from their materials that represents this band in its best form. Venomous, satanic Death Metal hymns with some Black Metal influences and a Darkthrone cover at the end from Soulside Journey)

Silva Nigra (Cze) – Bible Bolestnych Narku /2000 HUF/
(The bible of painful lamentations is the 6th album from this old bohemian horde who are composing their hateful psalms since more than two decades ago. Dark, morbid and misanthropic Black Metal)

Spearhead (Eng) – Decrowning the Inerarch /2500 HUF/
(Militant Death Metal from England in the veins of Angelcorpse, classic Morbid Angel and Entombed, featuring the vocalist of Tortorum that adds a definite amount of hatred to the production)

SS-18 (Rus) – Nuclearpteryx digipack /2000 HUF/
(Third inhuman nuclear opvs from this sick and devastating Black Metal horde released in form of an interesting jake box digipack. Fire-winged birds will illuminate the sky, leaden drops will burn the earth, humans = insects. Hostis Humani Generis!)

Suicidal Winds (Swe) – Victims in Blood /2000 HUF/
(Originally released in 2001 on No Colours Records, this is the second album of this old Swedish Black / Thrash Metal horde delivering its ancient curses since 1992)

Svartgren (Srb) – Prazan Grob /1500 HUF/
(First album, which is a primitive and obnoxious, yet engrossing Death praise. This modern, yet traditional Black Metal release is recommended for fanatics of Horna, Mgla, old Inferno or Armagedda)

Tetragrammacide (Rus/Ind) – Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix /2500 HUF/
(An interesting collaboration with an interesting concept from prominent members of the Russian and Indian Black Metal underground. Distant, swirling and chaotic Black/Death Metal emanating from beyond the mortal spheres, devastating all in its way)

Thy Darkened Shade (Gre) – Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet /3300 HUF/
(Liber Lvcifer is a sprawling and serpentine work, a daring and diabolical monument to the eternal light of esoteric illumination. And as labyrinthine as this album is and its pathways at times beguiling and treacherous, here Black Metal serves a greater purpose: the Promethean mantras lead Thy Darkened Shade and the blood of Qayin binds them towards acausal freedom)

Triumvir Foul (Usa) – Spiritual Bloodshead /2800 HUF/
(A proclamation of wretch and continuation of hellish lust. Spiritual Bloodshed delves into the perverse evolution of unhinged hedonism and carnal irreverence through the exploration of carnage in the spectral realm. Expanding beyond the themes of occultism and mythological allegories of the self-titled first album, Spiritual Bloodshed takes on a much more direct approach, clenching at the throat of one’s putrid desires)

Tsjuder (Nor) – Demonic Possession /2500 HUF/
(Second violation from this northern beast that fixes another nail to the coffin of the false believers with its cold and evil Black Metal)

Tsjuder (Nor) – Kill for Satan /2500 HUF/
(First stab to the rotting corpse of jewsus christ, originally vomited out at the dawn of Satan's millenium. Violent satanic Black Metal with dark tunes that rapes you to death)

Tymah (Hun) – Zuhanás /2000 HUF/
(Fourth album from this True Carpathian Black Metal horde filled with a dark and grim atmosphere, with curses presented in Hungarian language)

Unpure (Swe) – Trinity in Black /2000 HUF/
(Third album of this old school horde from 2001 who relentlessly present their hateful and evil Black / Thrash Metal assaults since the early 90's)

Urgehal (Nor) –Atomkinder /3300 HUF/
(Third album that was originally released in 2001. An absolutely classic, raw hellish revelation from this cult horde. Total Black Metal. Bleed, suffer, die!)

Varathron (Gre) – Stygian Forces of Scorn /2500 Ft/
(Fourth album of this well-known greek band existing for almost 30 years now. The title of the album describes it well. Dynamic and powerful Black Metal material with massive sound and hateful atmosphere)

Vermeth (Fra) – Suicide or Be Killed /2000 HUF/
(Last album of this inhuman satanic horde. Created by the one once behind Torgeist and Amaka Hahina, this material delivers the mentality of Les Légions Noires)

VTTA (Rus) - On the Vortex of Chasing the Abyss of Despair digipack /1800 HUF/
(Fourth EP of this sick and psychedelic Black Metal band. On the Vortex of Chasing the Abyss of Despair is the irreversible and destructive deepening into music and ideas from previous works, but through the prism of Vessel Through the Abyss)

Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) – The Principle of the Devil in the Flesh Deconstruction /2000 HUF/
(Long sold-out demos of the maniac southern Death-worshippers are released now on one professional compilation CD. Satanist Black Metal, insane dark rites and the celebration of the Devil)

Vomit Church (Gre/Mex) – Offers to the Sado-God /1800 HUF/
(A raw manifestation of the Satanic will from the united allience of southern blasphemers. Darkened traditional Black Metal riffing marks the first and only album)

Weltmacht (Usa) – And to Every Beast its Prey /2500 HUF/
(A once great project that has been put to rest for more than a decades time now. Crafted by Akhenaten from Judas Iscariot and Imperial from Krieg you can expect a cold, grim and nihilistic True Black Metal masterpiece. The second and last Weltmacht album from 2003)

Zephyrous (Gre) - Everlasting Fire /2000 HUF/
(Compilation from this underground Black Metal horde from the 90s. This material contains their demo from 1994 and their EP from 1998. Obscure, raw and medieval tones of ancient Hellenic Black Metal throughout 73 minutes)

------ KAZETTÁK / TAPES ------

Abyssal (Eng) – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius /1000 HUF/
(A mysterious entity manifesting demented ambiental Black/Death Metal darkness. This material is the twisted successor to Denoument, it evokes a monument of rot to the atrophied world of man)

Abyssum (Gua) – Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore
(One of the latest materials of this project from Guatemala that is definitely a rare country to project Black Metal bands. This obscure band exists since the early 90's and presents occult Black Metal in an elevated way with unique ideas and ancient sound)

Actum Inferni (Pol) – The Embodiment of Death /1000 HUF/
(Intense satanic madness from Poland with an obscure, agressive, yet melancholic and evil atmosphere. First album and a devastating debut from these eastern worhsippers of Death)

Adustum (Bel) – Searing Fires and Lucid Visions /1000 HUF/
(Adustum is an isolated entity that states the veritable values and traditions of Ophidian Adversarialism. Get drowned in the Qliphotic corridors of Aindrogynous Sophia, and submerge the self in Adversarial Black Mass)

Agares (Chi) – Forgotten Land
(Old-styled and raw putrefaction from this fresh horde with a sound and riffs that are taking you back to the early 90's demo atmosphere. This is their first demo, containing four satanic blasphemies with cruel and evil vocals)

Age of Agony (Hun) – Years of War and Hate /1000 HUF/
(Agressive and devastating War Death Metal Militia. Collectional tape of this old school machinery of hatred, containing their last two albums and the songs from their only split)

Anthro Halaust (Ukr) - Правды осколок, кровоточит живым!! /1000 HUF/
(Grim, evil, satanist Black Metal from the depths of the Ukrainian underground. A strong debut that creates a cold, dark and apocalyptic atmoshpere sometimes reminiscent to old Emperor hyms and the dissonance of Les Légions Noires)

Arghoslent (Usa) – Hornets of Pogrom /1000 HUF/
(Third and last album of this cult horde from 2008. Intolerant Death Metal with well-composed song structures and killer riffs glorifying war, hate and blasphemy)

Arghoslent (Usa) –Incorrigible Bigotry /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the second album, originally from 2002. Violent Death Metal with massive and intense riffing throughout the whole album. Militant sounds call to battle!)

Arkona (Pol) – An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz
(Raw Black Metal filled with ancient energies and dark melodies. Re-issue of the first classic demo from 1994)

Astrofaes (Ukr) – Ad Infinitum
(Second demo from 1997 of this now dead but well known horde featuring members of Drudkh, Blood of Kingu and Rattenfänger)

Aversio Humanitatis (Spa) – Abandonement Ritual /1000 HUF/
(New blasphemy with Lugubre from Eterna Penumbra, now with a more complex and introspective style, yet with all the hatred and violence from the previous project. White is paleness, white is color of death... Start your abandonement ritual!)

Barathrum (Fin) – Okkult /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of 6th album that was originally released at the millenium. Satanic Black / Doom Metal from Finland existing since the early 90's)

Barshasketh (Nzl/Sco) – Sitra Achra /1000 HUF/
(Second album of Barshasketh that embraces negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation. This material evokes the universal destructive forces with bleak and complex atmospheres, supported by great and quality musicianship. True Black Metal with a unique dark touch that raises them far above the masses)

Bilskirnir (Ger) – In Flames of Purification
(Tape edition of the first album from this Hateful Heathen Black Metal band, including a cover song of old Graveland)

Black Circle (Swe) – Behold My Visions and Wisdom
(Traditional Swedish Black Metal on the path where once Judas Iscariot has walked. Tape version of the first album)

Black Circle (Swe) – The Distant Wind...
(Raw, hateful and nostalgic Black Metal, latest album on tape)

Blood of The Moon (Nzl) – Remnants of Forgotten Past
(Collectional material containing 3 demos on one exclusive tape. Raw and cold Black Metal played in the old forgotten style composed by Krigeist from Barshasketh and Belliciste)

Blood Stained Dusk (Usa) – Continuance of Evil
(Odious satanic Black Metal with creepy synthetizer sounds and a dark, tenebrous atmosphere. Second album on tape, originally from 2004)

Branikald (Rus) – Blikk av Kald /1000 HUF/
(Hypnotic, majestic and cold Black Metal from this legendary band from BlazeBirth Hall. No further comments needed)

Carpathian Forest (Nor) – Morbid Fascination of Death /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the third album, True Norwegian Black Metal)

Celestia (Fra) – Delhÿs-cätess /1000 HUF/
(Last demo from 2007 containing Black Metal strongly supported by synthetizer and dark melodies)

Celestia (Fra) – Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis /1000 HUF/
(Second album from this well known horde. Dark, melancholic, nostalgic Black Metal)

Cold Forest (Bra) – A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity
(Cold, dark and alien space-ambient. After the strictly-limited original edition, the first album is available on tape)

Cold Forest (Bra) / Nyctothropia (Eng) – Split
(An alliance between two obscure Dark Ambient bands. Cold Forest presents a 21 minutes long song of atmospheric melancholy while Nyctothropia delivers two darkened, nostalgic, meditative songs. Limited to only 30 copies)

Cripta Oculta (Por) – Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos
(Second album of this Lusithanian band with members of Mons Veneris, Black Howling and Nortada Gelada. Ancient Black Metal with some folk touches and native elements)

Dark Ages (Ukr) – A Chronicle of the Plague /1000 HUF/
(Second album, Dark Ambient with a bleak and dark atmosphere echoing back from the times of the great black plague)

Dark Ages (Ukr) – Rabble, Whores, Usurers /1000 HUF/
(The final chapter of this dark symphony has reached the land of the living. Seven tracks of dark ambient depression and sin that shall fill your psyche with utter depravity. The whores and rats are upon you!)

Dark Ages (Ukr) – Twilight of Europe /1000 HUF/
(Dark Ambient transmitting the darkest shadows of ancient and forgotten times, created by Roman Saenko from Drudkh, Blood Of Kingu, Hate Forest, etc… First album on tape)

Dark Ages (Ukr) / From the Bogs of Augishka (Ire) – Split
(A sombre and gloomy dark ambient split with a concept that is dedicated to capture the atmosphere of historical mass starvations of Ukraine and Ireland)

Dark Fury (Pol) – Fortress of Eagles
(Intolerant Black Metal against the modern material world. Fourth hate proclamation from 2008)

Dark Fury (Pol) – Saligia
(The seven deadly sins are presented in form of morbid and sinister Black Metal madness. One of the best materials from the discography of Dark Fury)

Dark Fury (Pol) – Semper Fidelis
(Compilation stuff from this hateful Black Metal horde collecting all of their songs from old demos, promos, split materials and 5 additional unreleased songs)

Dark Fury (Pol) – Synningthwait
(Tape version of the latest album from 2014. Like always, they present their dark, slavonic Black Metal with a hateful and morbid atmosphere)

Dark Fury (Pol) – The Price of Treason
(Dark, wrathful Black Metal, fifth album on tape)

Dark Storm (Cze) – In Nomine Dark Storm /1000 HUF/
(First demo of this old Bohemian horde that was originally released in 1994. Grim, old school and traditional Black Metal with members of Maniac Butcher)

Djur (Rus) – In Torrents of Chaos Blood /1000 HUF/
(Cold and grim Russian Black Metal played in a powerful, superior style. One of the best eastern underground albums of 2010, a perfect manifestation of elitism and Black Arts)

Do Skonu (Ukr) – Womb of Primeval Darkness /1000 HUF/
(Dark and obscure Black Primeval Magic in six hymns, worshipping the ancient religious way of Satanism. From the womb of Darkness!)

Dominus Ira (Rus) – Ferocia Animi /1000 HUF/
(Debut material of this aphotic, furious Black Metal band. Possessed by the rage of Darkness!)

Dominus Ira (Rus) – Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris /1000 HUF/
(Second masterpiece of this cruel and sinister act with killer riffs and varied song structures that are crafting a purely sombre, morbid, dreadful and dissonant atmosphere. Total unique manifestation of genuine Darkness)

Dögkút (Hun) – Demo /1000 HUF/
(First and debut demo from this obscure underground horde from Hungary. Bleak, rotten and ominous Black Metal pestilence with the weight of darkness and shadows echoing from the catacombs of sinister rituals)

Dunkelheit (Hun) – Eternal Curse of the Carpathians /1000 HUF/
(Compilation tape containing the long sold-out first two demos. Raw and cold Black Metal from Inner Awakening circle)

Dunkelheit (Hun) – Frozen in Eternity /1000 HUF/
(First album of Dunkelheit. Cold, grim and misanthropic Black Metal from Inner Awakening)

Dunkelheit (Hun) – Mors Aeterna /1000 HUF/
(Long-delayed second album that was originally composed between 2007 and 2009, but released only years after. Fast, traditional and obscure Black Metal with varied tempos and song arrangements. Pure Darkness glorification from the womb of Inner Awakening)

Dusken (Ger) – Pyrimanes /1000 HUF/
(Second album that shows a huge progress compared to the debut. While presenting dark and raging Black Metal, both an own musical and lyrical style have been created, setting them above the too many average bands out there)

Emit (Eng) – A Sword of Death for the Prince /1000 HUF/
(Raw, obscure and ugly sounding Black Noise terror for those who are sick enough to take in the voices of this twisted audial madness)

Eterna Penumbra (Spa) – Nuestra Vacía Existencia
(True Black Metal, a raw, hateful and morbid journey through darkness and negativity. The vaccine against existence is dark as fuck, like their previous materials but this time even more)

Eterna Penumbra (Spa) – Odio Antihumano
(Cold and morbid total rawness, True Black Metal presented in the way it should be! Their EP on tape)

Evilwinged (Rus) – Avatars of Satan /1000 HUF/
(First and only album of this cult underground satanic Black Metal horde, that was member of Far East Division Black Wolves, along with Forgot and Spitehowling. Released in 2006, this is an essential material for those who are into the cruel Russian chthonic hordes)

Evilwinged (Rus) – Crush the Human Factor
(The first and only demo of this essential eastern underground horde from 2002. Dirty, poisonous and blasphemous Black Metal)

Földalatti Alakulat (Hun) – Fóbia /1000 HUF/
(First and only demo of this mysterious Hungarian projekt from 2002. Underground ambient music with a dark, oppressive, and horrific atmosphere. Two disharmonic evil noisescapes from the cthonic depths)

Forestdome (Spa) – Foresthrone
(An exclusive tape collecting all records of this now-dead band. Raw and cold Black Metal in the old veins and with quality records from depths of the underground)

Forest Silence (Hun) – Winter Circle / The 3rd Winter /1000 HUF/
(Tape release that contains the first two absolutely essential demos from this cult and old Hungarian band. Dark, hypnotic and meditative ritualistic Black Ambient with a completely unique approach and atmosphere that raises this masterpiece far above the usual ambient materials. Officially never released before and most probably won't be again)

Graveland (Pol) – Cold Winter Blades /1000 HUF/
(Heathen Metal, tape version of the EP from 2010)

Grift (Swe) – Fyra elegier /1000 HUF/
(Built upon a concept stained with inspiration drawn from elder poets like Johannes Edfelt, Pär Lagerkvist and Dan Andersson among others, Grift delivers rugged, hackneyed and melancholic Black Metal in a way most pleasant)

Grim Destroyer (Gre) – Might and Majesty
(Icecold Occult Black Metal from Hellas. New Spells includes straight-line and brutal Black Metal Hymns, while Old Spells are stunning and hypnotic songs. Curses were summoned by Chaosforos from Riddle of Meander)

Grimness (Hun) – Ashes of a Black Cult /1000 HUF/
(Grim satanic Black Metal from Inner Awakening circle dedicated to the essence of the old times and bringing back the atmosphere of the early 90's with a pure quality record. True Black Metal!)

Gyötrelem (Hun) – Dimenziók Pusztulása /1000 HUF/
(Misanthropic Black Metal inviting you to a haunting, obfuscated journey through the bleakest void! First full-length hate emanation of this tormenting project from Inner Awakening circle)

Gyötrelem (Hun) – Hopelessness
(New EP from the Hungarian master of gloom and sorrow, 6 tracks in 20 minutes suffocating all your hopes)

Gyötrelem (Hun) – Mikor a Csillagok Végleg Kihülnek /1000 HUF/
(Second album of this dismal and lugubrious darkness. Another sick and abstract journey of a tortured soul towards the path of the final riddance)

Hakenkreuz Nocturna (Ita) – Eternal Introspective Winter
(An interesting material from this obscure underground horde that presents dark atmospheric Black Metal. The only album on tape from this now-dead band)

Hamvak (Hun) – Demo I
(First demo from this new and promising horde from Hungary. Dark, vehement and blasphemous Black/Death Metal in the veins of Bölzer and Archgoat)

Harag (Hun) – Éber Álmok Útján
(First album of this HungAryan Black Metal band, project of Heldentod main-man)

Hatestorm (Rus) – Cursed Rituals
(Dirty, old-styled satanic Black Metal for all into early works of Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory)

Heldentod (Hun) – Live In Zatec
(Live assault recorded at 23 October 2010 on tour with Nokturnal Mortum and Dark Fury)

Hellripper (Eng) – The Manifestation of Evil
(First material of this relatively fresh horde. Relentless and punching old skull Black/Thrash/Speed Metal with satanic lyrics and the presence of Evil. For the fans of Toxic Holocaust and Nocturnal)

Hirilorn (Fra) – Legends of Evil and Eternal Death /1000 HUF/
(First and only album of this old project created by Hasjarl, the mastermind behind Deathspell Omega. Hirilorn was the precursor of DSO but they played a fairly different music, this recording contains hypnotic and melancholic Black Metal hymns in a majestic style)

Hunok (Hun) – A MAG Létének Egyensúlya /1000 HUF/
(Latest demo of this well-known Hungarian project. Ritualistic and spiritual heathen ambient soundscapes from the depths of the inner self)

Hunok (Hun) – Forgotten Honour /1000 HUF/
(Third demo of this old Hungarian ambient project containing superior, ritualistic and spiritual ambient art)

Hunok (Hun) – Merendíthetetlenség /1000 HUF/
(After almost 20 years of existence the first full-length album of this cult Hungarian band is finally unleashed. The band delivers a masterpiece that contains raw but well-mixed Black Metal with killer riffs throughout the whole material and a unique Hungarian touch in the atmosphere. This album takes you back to the forgotten age of the early 90s when darkness ruled and reminiscent curses were invoked from Temple of Fullmoon)

Hunok (Hun) / Ancestor’s Blood (Fin) – Vágyakozás / Lalli
(A monumental gathering of the European Heatnen Grail by the united forces of the excellent local Hunok and finnish Black Metal band Ancestor’s Blood. The split contains 2-2 songs from each band)

Inferno (Cze) – Fucking Funeral Attack 2006-2007
(An intolerant, evil and anti-human manifestation from these well-known maniacs who are delivering true darkness for more than 20 years now. This collectional tape contains all their split and seven inch tracks from the 2006-2007 era)

Inferno (Cze) – Gnosis Kardias /1500 HUF/
(Seventh album, a work of almost impossible magnitude daring to dream beyond Black Metal whilst finding its innermost core, resulting in an opus which both scales feverish heights and plumbs fathomless depths - simultaneously. Musically, one can expect a natural fusion of genuine Black Metal and deeply-felt psychedelia. The scorching aggression and mesmeric calm, darkness and light, straightforwardness and progressive tendencies - all are merged into a single magical whole)

Inferno (Cze) – Nikdy Nepokrteni /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the third, classic album from these old Black Metal veterans. Raw, old-school Black Metal)

Inferno (Cze) – Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the latest album from the masters of Czech Black Metal. Without a doubt, this is the best emanation of Inferno. A purely dark, sinister and dissonant musick in the true Orthodox way, pierced by total devotion and the Gnosis of the Dark Side)

Kältemond (Hun) / Gyötrelem (Hun) – Split 2010 /1000 HUF/
(Kältemond is an obscure band projecting slower, morbid and rotten True Black Metal, while Gyötrelem delivers gloomy Black Metal with the atmosphere of isolataion and alienation)

Kataxu (Pol) – Hunger of Elements /1000 HUF/
(A dark and obscure tribute to the elements, a continuation of the spiritual path of Roots Thunder)

Lascowiec (Usa) / Marblebog (Hun) / Vérzivatar (Hun) – Deep Horizons of Eternity
(Tape version of this split which is a collaboration of sombrous, meditative and spiritual Black Metal hordes from Hungary and the US)

Lepra (Hun) – Wounds of Past Centuries /1000 HUF/
(First demo of this morbid sinister cult is available again at us. Rotting, dissonant and evil Black Metal from below)

Lonely Spectre (Eng) – Demo I
(Strictly limited first demo from this mysterious entity with dark and spiritual ambience on it)

Lonely Spectre (Eng) – Demo II
(Dark and spiritual ambient from the depths of nowhere. Continuation from where the first demo stopped)

M8l8th (Rus) By the Wing of Black /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of this material including their rehearsal demo as a bonus. Highly melodic Black Metal with hysterically agressive vocals, atmospheric elements and ultrafast drumming)

Maniac Butcher (Cze) – Černá Krev /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the fourth album. Dark, uncompromising and traditional Black Metal)

Marblebog (Hun) – Nostalgic Moods
(Compilation tape of the first two demos from this well-known Hungarian band, now put to rest for eternity. Tenebrous, nightly and atmospheric Black Metal)

Marblebog (Hun) / Vorkuta (Hun) – Wanderings
(A killer split material with absorbing, dark and spiritual Black Metal hymns, songs from both bands’ last period)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Echoes of War / March to Eternity /1000 HUF/
(Compilation of two old recordings from 2000 and 2001 glorifying the eradication of all lifeforms in the fucking cosmos. Sick, morbid and misanthropic Black Metal for the unhallowed only)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Homicides /1000 HUF/
(Unique, fast, acid-sounding Black Metal, which adumbrate the end of the Earth and humanity. Nuclear winter, depression, death, chaos, war and mental suffering what is present here. Misanthropic Art for misanthropic individuals!)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Humanity Will Know The Death /1000 HUF/
(Originally never released before, the first demo of the band from 1999 is now available in a strict limitation of 100 copies. Fast, apocalyptic, and inhuman Black Metal)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Pest Of The Past /1000 HUF/
(Morbid, cruel Black Metal with some inhuman industrial elements. Tape contains unreleased tracks from the early period and cover songs from Abigor and Deströyer 666. Never stop the madness!)

Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico (Ita) – Alle Frontiere Dell’Anima
(The excellent debut demo from 2007. Intense and martial, which is expressed through the sonorities of northern Black Metal with an own, unique interpretation)

Negative Plane (Usa) – Et In Saecula Saeculorum /1500 HUF/
(Negative Plane’s debut album continues to enthral and compel. With influences from the glorious Tormentor and Master’s Hammer abound, Et In Saecula Saeculorum is a spellbinding masterpiece of occult black metal intertwining atmosphere, intensity and mysticism perfectly)

Negative Plane (Usa) – Stained Glass Revelations /1500 HUF/
(Negative Plane’s second album, taking their eerie, occult laden Black Metal to another level. Almost fitting to be a soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe novel, Stained Glass Revelations is an exceptional piece of work, elevating the band to scene leaders)

Nenavist (Blg) – Inhuman
(Second and last album of this now defunct underground horde from more than a decade ago that presented a highly dark, morbid and inhuman atmosphere back in their time)

Niedergang (Hun) – Alámerülés /1000 HUF/
(Fourth demo of Niedergang, which is one of their best from this era. Pitch-black Satanist Black Metal with a strong wish for the other spheres, fuelled by the burning will of Satan)
Niedergang (Hun) – Hanyatlás /1000 HUF/
(Compilation tape of the first unreleased and the second sold-out demos with some additional songs never released before and with covers of Ildjarn and Judas Iscariot. This is quality Black Metal with hateful and satanic concept, and without any fucking compromises)

Niedergang (Hun) / Infectus (Hun) – Split 2010 /1000 HUF/
(One of the best Hungarian Black Metal split releases where both bands present a killer song with an amazing dark and obscure atmosphere. True Black Metal!)

Niezgal' (Blr) – Kali Pahasnie Sonca /1000 HUF/
(Obscure satanic art from the womb of Niemaracz Klan, emitting throught the gates of Chaos. First and only demo of this band that has stepped to the Other Side for a while)

Nihasa (Gre) – Brahamanda Xul Grimoire /1000 HUF/
(Project of Acherontas with a more old school approach towards Black Metal. Mid-tempo and atmospheric riffs, accompanied by a melodic layer of keyboards and haunting vocals)

Nitberg (Rus) – Donner Wetter Donner Wyrd /1000 HUF/
(Tape version of the first album. Cult Black Metal from BlazeBirth Hall)

Nitberg (Rus) / Volkoten (Rus) – Hammer Harte /1000 HUF/
(Absolutely essential split material with 5 songs from BBH cult Nitberg and the 4 existing songs from the forgotten Russian gem Volkoten)

Nocturnal Amentia (Ukr) – Necromentia / Hec Regnum Meum Est
(The last two albums from these maniac desekratorz on one collectional tape. Fast, uncompromising, agressive satanist Black Metal with total possession and with hateful curses spit in their native language)

Nocturnal Graves (Aus) – Profanation of Innocence
(First demo from 2004. This band is a perfect synthesis of ancient South American and German styles. Occult Thrash Metal Blackened by Death)

Nocturnal Vomit (Gre) – Divine Profanation
(Old school Death Metal attack containing 43 minutes of desecration and mutilation. This collectional tape includes their first two demos and two morbid rehearsals)

Nortada Gelada (Por) – Aos Homens Que Não Aparecem Nos Livros
(Latest release of this underground Lusithanian horde. Raw Black Metal with a dark, enigmatic atmosphere)

Nyktalgia (Ger) – Peisithanatos /1000 HUF/
(Cold and dismal Black Metal with lethal atmosphere, a material manifested by the screams for the final riddance. Tape version of the second album)

Odal (Ger) – Wilde Kraft
(Tape version of the second album that was originally released in 2005. Teutonic Black Metal inspired by the powers of nature, with well composed songs and meditative atmosphere, sometimes reminiscent of Drudkh)

Odor Mortis (Rus) – Спаси и Отсоси
(First album of this once killer but now dead satanic horde. Cold, northern, blasphemous Black Metal with great riffs and nefarious atmosphere)

Ohtar (Pol) – Petrified Breath of Hope
(Hateful and evil Black Metal from Poland, tape version of the second album)

Ohtar (Pol) – When I Cut the Throat
(Hateful and evil Black Metal from Poland, tape version of the first album)
Ohtar (Pol) / Dark Fury (Pol) – Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames
(A hateful eastern Black Metal split from these old Polish hordes)

Old Wainds (Rus) – Через Хаос К Вечной Зиме
(Second demo of this cult underground horde from 1999 containing 4 cold slashes of grim and raw Black Metal that leads you through chaos to the eternal winter)

Order of the Ebon Hand (Gre) / Akrotheism (Gre) – Split
(Two concealed hordes from Hellas are united for this split material. Dark, furious evil Black Metal vs. sinister, dissonant Black Metal psychosis)

OS (Hun) – Demo MMXVII /1000 HUF/
(Great debut tape from this sinister project summoned by well-known and real-deal members of the Hungarian Black Metal underground. Obscure, abysmal and devilish Black/Death Metal that is not only about the speed. An evil manifestation which is especially recommended to those who are into the likes of Necros Christos and 13th Moon)

Pagan Hellfire (Can) Spirit of Blood and Struggle
(New exclusive tracks of pure and cold Black Metal. The band continues to purvey some of the most dedicated and impressive underground Black Metal)

Pagan Hellfire (Can) – The Will of Night
(Tape version of the third album from 2006, cold northern Black Metal)

Paria (Ger) – Unchain the Unclean
(Second album from this fairly old band existing since 1995. Dark Satanic Black Metal from the german underground elite)

Paria (Ger) – Verminrace
(Sinister, filthy and dissonant Black Metal, tape version of the first album from 2008)

Perdition Oracle (Aus) – Litanies of the Serpent
(Cavernous and primitive analog Black Metal from the blackest vaults of the Australian underground. Abyssic soundscapes as spoken by the tongues of the dead, 45 minutes of devilry and ominous decay)

Perterricrepus (Svk) – The Dark Age of the Carpathia
(Cold occult aryan Black Metal with ambient touches, tape version of their only album)

Pest (Ger) – Vado Mori
(Classic material on tape from this obscure, now-dead band. True Black Metal in accordance with the early satanic traditions)

Pestilentia (Blr) – Pestilentia
(The rare first demo tape of these death-worshippers, containing two pestiferous hymns for the glory of the Great Black Death)

Proclamation (Spa) – Black Conjuration (Rehearsal 30-1-04)
(Old rehearsal material self-released by the band. Agressive, satanic War Black Metal with a cover of Blasphemy and old Bathory)

Qassam (Hun) – Promo 2011
(Recent promo material of the War Speed Metal Desekrators containing two traxx and a blasphemous veil of Holocausto)

Qassam (Hun) – Shyathan Akbar /1000 HUF/
(First studio material of the War Speed Metal Desektrators containing 10 crushing and agressive old school mutilations glorifying war, hate and blasphemy)

Raven Dark (Rus) – Autumn Roar /1000 HUF/
(Last album of Raven Dark, originally planned for a 1996-1997 release on tape but remained unreleased until 2006. Cult Black Metal from BlazeBirth Hall)

Raven Dark (Rus) – Verdandi /1000 HUF/
(Second album of this cult Black Metal band from BlazeBirth Hall)

Sartegos (Spa) – As Fontes Do Negrume
(Latest material, casette version from this EP from 2013, swirling occult Death Metal in the veins of Grave Miasma and Necros Christos)

Sekhmet (Cze) – Words of the Master (Proverbs of Hell)
(Tape version of the fourth album, old-school moribund Black Metal from Pomerania)

Sepulchrum (Hun) – Sermo Sup Sepulchrum /1000 HUF/
(Obscure Black Ritual Ambient mediating the pure quintessence of darkness, dedicated to the mysteries of Death. After the über-limited first release, it is available again!)

Shambles (Tha) – Black Candles Magnetic Doom
(Combination of blasphemous Black/Death Metal mixed with slow tempos and a definite amount of pulsating Doom. This 4th demo tape marked their return after 11 years of silence in 2014)

Shibalba (Gre) – Memphitic Invocations /1000 HUF/
(Interesting and haunting Dark Ambient with ritual sounds inspired by the shadowside of existence. Hail to Thee, Ancient Ones!)

Silva Nigra (Cze) – Chlad Nochi
(First full-length on tape. Raw  unholy Black Metal from Czech)

Spüolus (Hun) / Mare Frigoris (Hun) – Split /1000 HUF/
(The side of Spüolus contains one long 35 minutes song entitled The Aura of Refusal that expresses what its meant to express even better than on the first masterpiece. A special, dark, gloomy and sinister atmosphere is present, fused with a slow, crushing tempo. The side of Mare Frigoris contains a short interlude and a 33 minutes song called Spacenoise which tells everything about it. These are the obscure sinister voices echoing from the vast unknown)

Subvertio Deus (Eng) – Illumination of the Black Sun /1000 HUF/
(This live appearance from Under The Black Sun is the only international performance of Subvertio Deus after their debut and final album. The Black Sun is an alchemical symbol of the divine essence in man, the attainment of spiritual Gnosis through the pain of the Christ. Illumination of the Black Sun presents a raw ascension ritual)

Temnozor (Rus) – Сумерки на Похоронах Зимы /1000 HUF/
(Quality live recording from this well-known horde, recorded live in Russia, 2009)

Tetragrammacide (Rus/Ind) – Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix slipcase /1500 HUF/
(An interesting collaboration with an interesting concept from prominent members of the Russian and Indian Black Metal underground. Distant, swirling and chaotic Black/Death Metal emanating from beyond the mortal spheres, devastating all in its way. Comes in a white slipcase)

Thor’s Hammer (Pol) – The Fate Worse Than Death
(Tape edition of the third album of this old radical horde. Dark, hateful and intolerant Black Metal)

Thy Funeral (Hun) – The End of Life /1000 HUF/
(First and only full-length of this cult and underground Hungaian band that has been put to rest for eternity. The first and maybe the last release of this darknened, obscure and misanthropic Black Metal masterpiece)

Thy Kingdom Ablaze (Rus) – Pure Cold Venom
(Long sold-out demo from this underground horde presenting raw and cold Black Metal)

Totenburg (Ger) – Endzeit
(Latest and best album of Totenburg. True Black Metal with perfectly-composed traditional riffs and with an intense hateful atmosphere)

Ulvdalir (Rus) – Soul Void
(Grim, misanthropic, hateful yet melancholic and arcane masterpiece from these masters ov the ultimate Void. Second album on tape)

Ulvegr (Ukr) – Where the Icecold Blood Storms
(Atmospheric Black Metal in veins of BlazeBirth Hall projects and Hate Forest. Cold, harsh and freezing storm of primordial hatred)

Undor (Hun) – Demo /1000 HUF/
(A rather unknown allience of Hungarian and German members. Slow ritualistic Black Metal with a dark rotten atmosphere, fused with some Noise parts. Tape version of the first EP from 2006)

Undying (Eng) – A Haunt Within the Mist
(Started in 1999 by Hiraedd with the sole purpose of creating austere Black Metal of a superior calibre; bleak, cold and grim. One album, A Haunt Within The Mist was recorded in 2004, capturing the spirit intended, but unreleased until now. Reinterpreting the nature mysticism which inspired bands such as Emperor, Strid and early Ulver, this opus is one of  impeccable composition and atmosphere)

Usurper (Usa) – Diabolosis /1000 HUF/
(Occult Black/Thrash Metal with an evil atmosphere. Tape version of the first album, originally from 1995)

Usurper (Usa) – Skeletal Season /1000 HUF/
(Occult Black/Thrash Metal with an evil atmosphere. Tape version of the second album, originally from 1999)

Usurper (Usa) – Threshold of the Usurper /1000 HUF/
(Occult Black/Thrash Metal from with an evil atmosphere. Tape version of their first and only EP, originally from 1997)

Veldraveth (Ven) – Temples of the Black Flame
(Insane madness and devil-worship from the depths of southern Hell. Relentless Black Metal, first album on tape in a limited edition)

Versus Cassum (Rus) – Торжество вечного одиночества
(Mainly slow, sick and experiemental Black / Doom Metal with spectral ritualistic ambiental passages. A unique piece of Black Arts, first and only demo up to this time with a strict limitation)

Verwüstung (Blr) – Contra Humanum
(Obscure satanist madness from Belarus against all existence. Support the campaign against the human worms. Hail Death!)

Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) – Gloria Sathanas Rex Infernus
(Four tracks of uncompromising Devil Worship summoned by this diabolical Black Metal horde. First demo of the merciless Death-worshippers from 2006)

Werewolf (Pol) – The Order of Vril
(Tape edition of the last album from these heathen warriors)

Werewolf (Pol) – The Temple of Fullmoon
(Tape verion of this well-known material named after the legendary Polish movement, originally released more than a decade ago)

Wolfthorn (Ger) – Towards Ipsissimus
(Clad in a raw yet powerful sound garment, the album delivers six anthems of ferocious, morbid Black Metal filled with the uttermost devotion to the Highest God of the Other Side. Third and last album of this now-dead band.)

Wolfthorn (Ger) / Erhabenheit (Ger) – Split
(Wolfthorn contributes with 2 re-recorded evil psalms for this offering in the veins of Mooblood, while Erhabenheit reveals 2 unreleased satanic Black Metal hymns from the Vom Tempel zum Throne era)

Woodspirit (Hun) / Hatesworn (Swi) – Split
(Hatesworn is slow, tortorous death music that radiates pure negativity and alienation while Woodspirit is bringing forth a dark meditative journey once again by wandering beyond the depths of the conscious and arriving at vast nothingness)

Zlo (Svk) – Evangelium 666 /1000 HUF/
(Old school Satanic Black Metal with members of Cult of Fire, Maniac Butcher and some more. First and only demo from 2006)

------ MISCELLANEOUS ------

T-SHIRTS / PÓLÓK /3000 HUF / 10 EUR/:

BARSHASKETH – Crow (sizes: S)


LEPRA – Murder your Idols (sizes: S, M, L ,XL + wifebeater S)

LEPRA – Whom Aeons Tore Apart (sizes: S, L, XL)

Ask for pictures if interested!


Barshasketh (Nzl / Sco) – Patch /Black, 900 HUF/

Dominus Ira (Rus) – Patch /Black, 900 HUF/

Dysangelium (Ger) – Patch /Black, 900 HUF/

Lashblood (Rus) – Patch /White, 1200 HUF/

Ask for pictures if interested!