Sigillvm Tenebrae Releases:


Átszellemülés CD / digi CD

Energies from the outer spheres are summoned again... Second full-length CD finally emitted from the depths of unconscious aspects of mind. 9 projections to acausal dimensions through the crypt of soul to the Eternal Darkness! Uncompromising and unique, dark and sinister Black Metal from Inner Awakening circle.


Plasticine People digi CD

New EP from this killer Russian band from Stavropol Nekrodivizion. A dark, dissonant, transcendent and interesting piece of art with three new songs, diving into the depths of consciousness, plus two old songs, reminiscent of the past. Unique Black Art for the wicked!


Tongue of Devil Prayers CD

First full-length opvs from the cruelest and most sinister Black Metal horde from Hungary! This devilish manifestation offers eight prayers, functioning as stations of their personal spiritual path, towards the highest aim. Sinister religious madness glorifying DEATH!


Sitra Achra

Second album of Barshasketh that embraces negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation. This material evokes the universal destructive forces with bleak and complex atmospheres, supported by great and quality musicianship. Pure Black Metal of the Highest Order!!


Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness

Tape version of the latest album from the masters of Czech Black Metal. Without a doubt, this masterwork is the best emanation of Inferno and one of the best albums from MMXIII. Purely dark, sinister and dissonant musick in the true Orthodox way pierced by total devotion and the Gnosis of the Dark Side.


Necromentia / Hec Regnum Meum Est

The last two albums from these maniac desekratorz in one collectional tape. Fast, uncompromising, agressive satanist Black Metal Hell with total possession.



Spüolus' side contains one long 35 minutes song entitled The Aura of Refusal that is even better than the songs on its first full-lenght masterpiece. Special, dark, gloomy, sinister and freezing atmosphere with slow crushing tempo. Mare Frigoris' side contains a short interlude and a 33 minutes song called Spacenoise which tells everything about it. These are the obscure sinister voices coming from the vast unknown.


Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris

Second masterpiece of this cruel and sinister act from Russia with great varied riffs and song structures that are summoning a purely sombre, morbid, dreadful and dissonant atmosphere. Total unique manifestation of genuine Darkness, one of the best Russian materials since the millenium.



Ultra slow bone crushing negativity in conjunction with pure death worshipping darkness searching for salvation vs. deep and spiritual ambiental black art this time about wandering in the unrecognized depths of universe. - LAST COPIES!!


Secret Weapon Tests in the Bunkers of Genocide and Abomination 2008-2012

Collectional tape of the elite War Speed Metal Desekrators containing their first three killer, self-released and über-limited rehearsal tapes with some additional stuff recorded at gigs and during various rehearsals. Ass-kicking audial holocaust in the vein of 80's classics. / SOLD OUT !! /


The Third Winter / Winter Circle

Tape release that contains the first two deep, dark, hypnotic and meditative ritualistic wintery Black Ambient demo from this cult and old Hungarian band. A very unique material, officially never released before.


The Embodiment of Death

First album of this satanist madness from Poland with a dark, obscure, agressive, melancholic and evil atmosphere. One of the best underground satanist Black Metal albums of 2011. - LAST COPIES!!


Правды осколок, кровоточит живым!!

Grim, raw and frosty satanist Black Metal from the depths of the Ukrainian scene, with a deep, dark and apocalyptic atmoshpere in the veins of old Emperor.


Fucking Funeral Attack 2006-2007

Intolerant, evil and anti-human Black Metal vomiting containing all the split and 7"EP tracks from the 2006-2007 era. - LAST COPIES!!


Years of War and Hate

Agressive and devastating War Death Metal Militia. Collectional tape of this old school machinery of hatred, containing their last two albums and the songs from their only split. - LAST COPIES!!


Raving Evil Possession

Compilation tape from live and reHEARSEal traxxx by the most cruel, morbid and dissonant band from Hungary. Still worshipping Death... get it or DIE!! / SOLD OUT !! /


Deepening to Neverending Darkness

Ambiental spiritual black art made by only one instrument, inspired by nihilism, emptiness and real inner darkness. First demo, strictly limited release. / SOLD OUT !! /


In Torrents of Chaos Blood

Elite Russian Black Metal played in a great superior style. One of the best albums of year MMX, a perfect manifestation of elitism fused with spiritual black supremacy. / SOLD OUT !! /



Conceptual EP with four attacks from beyond the outer spheres. Total misanthropic and alien Black Metal from Inner Awakening Circle with the usual pitch-black and unique atmosphere. / SOLD OUT !! /



First official demo of this excellent Hungarian horde. Raw, darkened, obscure, superior and majestic Black Metal played in a unique style. / SOLD OUT !! /



First release of this über-promising horde from Hungary. Icecold, melancholic, yet bloodfreezing Black Metal in the purest form. Support the Black Temple of Inner Awakening!! / SOLD OUT !! /


The End of Life

The first and only full-lenght of this cult Hungarian band from 2005 that is now put to rest for eternity. This is the first and maybe the last release of this darknened, obscure and misanthropic Black Metal masterpiece. - LAST COPIES!!


Teljes Beteljesülés: HALÁL

The 4th demo of Gyötrelem, so far the sickest one. Morbid, dissonant, tortorous and misanthropic Black Metal obsession with a deep wish for the other spheres. / SOLD OUT !! /


Wacht / Fin cha’l Muond es Sfrachà

True Black Metal from the Swiss elite. This collectional tape contains the first two demos of this great and dedicated horde. / SOLD OUT!! /

Tervek a jövőre nézve / Further plans for the future:


Opus Morte III

This new opus of Death takes us into yet different regions of madness. Fully improvised in a studio under the constant influence of alcohol and drugs, its tempo variates between the full-speed assault and slow melancholy of the fall... A morbid, dismal, murky and lethal opus that creates the pure Void in the soul of the listener.


Possessed by Bestiality

Filthy and synthetic nuclear Black Metal incantations with a morbid and inhuman atmosphere. A total execration and abomination towards humanity fused with a menacing post-apocalyptic mood. Third and one of the best albums of Misanthropic Art originally from 2004, now re-released after a long period of time.